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Braces Dentist & Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Are you looking for a braces dentist in the Richmond, BC, Canada area? At Century Dental Clinic世纪牙科 / Dr.Yan Wu Inc., we offer more than just your standard cleanings. We also offer tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, braces, Invisalign, bonding, implants, and whitening services. Our clinic is a one-stop shop for all your dental needs, making it easy to have a dental home for you to go to whether you need cleaning, need emergency services, or just need some cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Yan Wu is one of the most gentle, caring dentists in the area. He helps patients of all types, including those that have a phobia of the dentist. Believe it or not, a fear of the dentist is a common phenomenon and Dr. Yan Wu knows exactly what to do to help you relax and be able to handle the dental treatments that you need, including wisdom teeth extraction.

We treat kids and adults for all types of dental issues, including routine exams. Did you know that a routine exam can save you time and dental work down the road? If we find something that we know will be an issue ahead of time, we can use the least invasive treatment to help you overcome the issue. We typically try to avoid extractions or any other serious dental procedures unless they are necessary. We find that we can avoid serious dental procedures when we stay on top of the semi-annual dental exams.

If you do need wisdom teeth extraction, you can’t find a gentler dentist than Dr. Wu. He helps every patient feel comfortable and relaxed as we remove the offending tooth and perform any other necessary procedures to restore your oral health. 

Call us today for your appointment with a braces dentist or to ask questions. We look forward to helping you with your dental needs soon!

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