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Our Philosophy


A goal of good health is a lifestyle choice that takes commitment and motivation.


Nothing we do as dentists, specialists or our teams, will be successful if we cannot motivate our patients to improve their oral health. 


Our first priority is the promotion of the health and well-being of our patients.


Our Location


We are located in the bustling, ever changing city of Richmond, B.C. Our office is nestled between the tranquility of Minoru park and the hustle of the business centre, so after your appointment you can go for a nice quiet walk, or for a shop and a bubble tea.


There is ample free parking on site. Access is a bit tricky the first time, as you have to drive around back, but do not worry, you will find it.


Better yet......take the skytrain. It is a 7 minute walk and only 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver.

Our Office
Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact


Dental offices can have very large environmental footprints. From the chemicals and plastics we use every day, to the waste from sterilization wrapping and instrument packaging, we are major trash producers.


I have worked very hard to set up aggressive recycling and waste reduction strategies to minimize the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills, or in our oceans.


It has taken a lot of research and support from my suppliers to reduce my footprint. I am pushing forward everyday to find better ways to provide high quality dental care with proven products, with minimal impact to the environment.

Digital Dentistry 


I am a BIG advocate of digital dentistry.


When you come to our office you will see that we use digital impressions, digital radiology, high definition photography and video, and computerized design and fabrication techniques, for all aspects of dental care, including for dental implants.


Digital technology is definitely the future of dentistry and has shown to be as good as, if not better than the old manual techniques. 


One of the major advantages of digital technology is that it helps me meet my goal of waste reduction. I no longer have to worry about lead and silver in my film developer, I reduce the amount of gypsum and polyvinyl siloxane that we use for study casts, and we use digital health records to help reduce our paper waste both in the office and in communications. 


Going green is getting easier. 



Digital Dentistry
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