Study Club

Case Consults



How does our office handle referrals?


We are primarily a referral based office.


While we do perform general dentistry and have a hygiene program, patients referred to our office are directed back to their general dentists for their continued care once their prosthetic treatment is completed. I do bring patients back for regular recall examinations for complex cases.


Our office accepts walk-in patients for general dental care.

What services do we provide?

Dr. Wu: General Dentist

Case Consultations.

Traditional Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics.

Implant Restoration.

Implant Surgery.

Periodontal Surgery


Dr. Yoko Tsukada: Oral Medicine and Pathology



Facial Pain

Mucosal Disorders

What Implant Systems do we use?




Nobel Biocare


Implant Direct

Do we have a study club?



We are working on a bunch of exciting things for a study club, primarily focused on new technology such as digital impressions, computer guided implant surgery and modern restorative materials/techniques. There be clinically focused lectures provided by guest specialists.

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss study club opportunities, or if you would like to go over a tough case.