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Dentistry can be quite challenging and dental school only prepares you for the basics of general dentistry. If dentists wish to provide their patients with complicated dental care such as dental implants, or cosmetic dental care, it takes extensive continuing education to be able to gain the skills and knowledge base.

Dental Specialists have taken 2-3 years of University or Hospital based training and must pass a licensing board examination in order be registered as a certified dental specialist.

Dr. Alfaro Is a Certified Specialist in Prosthodontics

Dr. Tsukada is a Certified Specialist in Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology

Do I need a referral?


You do not need to be referred by a dentist to become a patient. We will gladly see you for a consultation, even for the simplest of dental concerns.


If you want to stop by to check out our office, come by for a coffee or tea at one of our open houses.


Does it cost more than general dentists?


Our specialists do have a higher fee schedule than our general dentists, and there is a consultation fee. 


Why see a specialist?
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