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Traditional braces
Invisalign® and Clear Correct


Many general dental offices are offering clear aligner technology, but not provided by specialists. We are fortunate to have Dr. Melanie Mattson, a board certified orthodontist, as our Invisalign® and Clear Correct provider. Dr. Mattson has extensive training and experience using clear aligners for orthodontic treatment, and has lectured with Invisalign® and various orthodontic study clubs.

When you visit our office for a consultation, you get the benefit of an orthodontist reviewing your case, with a prothodontist and periodontist available to participate in the treatment planning process.


Your care will be directed and completed by specialists; doesn't your oral health deserve that level of attention?

Not every person is a candidate for clear aligner orthodontics. As a specialist, Dr. Mattson has completed advanced treatments with Invisalign®, but may recommend traditional braces if your dental concerns are too complex for clear aligners.

We are a boutique speciality practice, with advanced technologies, including digital impressions: no more messy pastes and large uncomfortable trays!

If you are interested in improving your smile, call us for a consultation!



Dr. Melanie Mattson, Richmond Orthodontist, Invisalign
Dr. Melanie Mattson, Richmond Orthodontist, Invisalign

Traditional Braces

Moving teeth with braces requires advanced training and experience. As a board certified specialist in orthodontics, Dr. Mattson has focused her career to the provision of traditional braces and clear aligner therapy, for both children and adults.


Dr. Mattson will be offering limited traditional orthodontic services at our practice; if your teeth require comprehensive treatment with braces, she may refer you to either of her offices (Vancouver and Tsawwassen), or to an orthodontist of your preference.


If you have questions about orthodontics, please book a consultation with Dr. Mattson.

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